Classes Start February 1st 2010



Brand New Cheer/Dance Gym serving the Neshoba, Leake, and Winston County areas located at 11780 Hwy 15 Philadelphia, MS. This location is right before you reach the Neshoba Coliseum. We offer 3 Competitive Cheer Squads: Mini (ages 5-8), Junior (ages 9-12), and Senior Co-ed (ages 13-18 or depending on ability). We also offer pom/hip hop Competitive Dance Teams: Junior (ages 9-12) and Senior (ages 13-18). We have beginner to advanced gym classes ages 3 & up. Parents! We also welcome you to take advantage of our aerobic classes! Also, JV and HS Cheer Coaches you are welcome to customize classes for your squads. If you are in need of a competition routine or maybe just music we do that too, so come give us a try...where we do our best to take care of your childs needs for half the price!

                 Central Neshoba Cheer Price List

Registration:                                        $25.00 annually

Aerobic Classes (for parents)              $20.00 per month

Gym Classes:                                      $35.00 per month

Competition Cheer:                             $65.00 per month

Competition Dance:                            $50.00 per month

Both Comp Cheer/Dance:                  $100.00 per month

Add Child for Class:                           $20.00 per month

Addition Class:                                   $20.00 per month

Add Child for Competition:                 $50.00 per month

30min Private:                                     $18.00 per lesson

45min Private:                                     $28.00 per lesson

School Squad less than 8 members:     $35.00 per month

School Squad 8-15 members:             $30.00 per month

School Squad 15+ members:              $25.00 per month

Individual Routines w/ music:               $125.00 one time

Competition Routine w/ music:             $900.00 one time


To see the Current Class Schedule click below on CNC.xlsx

CNC.xlsx CNC.xlsx
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Type : xlsx

We are also in the process of fundraising for a full spring floor so if you would be so kind to give us a donation we would greatly appreciate it!



Here is the CNC All-Stars Uniform!

The yellow on our uniform is forest green, the navy blue on our uniform is black, and the metallic remains the same. CNC is also embroided in the middle of the chest. Our uniform is worn with black body liner, black bloomers, and Nike Cheer Shoes!

We Are Proud To Have Chosen Our New CNC Uniform! 


If you would like to register or if you have any questions please feel free to call              601-595-2261. You can also email us at CNCAllstar@yahoo.com

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